Augmented Reality has NAFA looked better!

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Storytellers’ Kitchen goes to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Last month, Storytellers’ Kitchen took the Augmented Reality workshop to the students of NAFA. Students would learn how to take their illustrations and use a few apps to convert them into nifty AR targets that came to life! Sounds like a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon, no?

Unlike our previous workshop participants, the students were skilled illustrators and had some experience with 2D animation. They were all enrolled in a course called ‘Illustration Design With Animation’. One of their lecturers had attended our AR session at AFCC last year, and thought they would benefit from this workshop (shoutout to Peh Mei Lian for thinking of us of us!). As a result, the students had no trouble coming up with an idea of a simple drawing that could be built upon. For this particular workshop, the finished product has more ‘wow’ if you’re able to incorporate storytelling elements from the very beginning. Indeed, we found that the most delightful creations we’ve seen use the illustrations to take us on a (short) journey, instead of merely showcasing AR for AR’s sake.

As you can see, we had a lot of successes at NAFA. The illustration game was strong with these folks, and their ease with technology allowed them to get a handle of the process quite quickly, spending most of their time to perfect their creations. We love that! While our Chief Geek Saad conducted the session, other members of our team hung around to help the students with any questions or problems that came up along the way.


Storytellers’ Kitchen is just about as experimental as it gets, so if you’ve attended one of our sessions and have feedback for us, we welcome it with open arms! We also love new ideas for collaborations. If you’d like to run a Storytellers’ Kitchen session in our space, talk to us. Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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