Storytellers’ Kitchen Recipe #1: AR spiced Valentine

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The first Storytellers’ Kitchen workshop kicked off on February 10 2017, featuring a seasonally appropriate theme: Valentine’s Day! Saad Chinoy led the group of participants through the 2+ hour long session, during which he introduced the basics of augmented reality and how to incorporate simple AR to jazz up a handmade card for Valentine’s Day. The idea was to come together, learn and apply a new skill that can help any content creator elevate their stories with digital. All that was needed was imagination, basic artistic skills, and a phone/laptop by which to access free resources: Google Photos and Layar App! Everything else – art materials, WiFi, food, good times, e.t.c. were provided.

Take a look!

Welcome to the Kitchen
Hands on, messy and collaborative – that’s exactly what we want!
We had to capture this quiet moment of the Kitchen before the participants arrived
Augmented reality had these guys engrossed
“I’ve only got fries for you” and many such cheesy puns happened

If you’re interested in Storytellers’ Kitchen workshops and would like to be kept informed of upcoming events, please drop an email to

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